Wobbling in a milky sea


Vidéo 16/9, full HD

6 min 47 s

I tried to imagine an intermediate space between the still image and the moving image. An in-between where two mediums find themselves in a meditative balance, a territory where notions such as the frame and the out of frame can coexist, constraint and action, language and gesture. This video is the result of a series of experiments seeking to deconstruct these dichotomies.


The first phase of the creation process of the work was the recording of a video, made in a still shot on a beach in Normandy, where the movement was subtly perceived within the frame.


The second part took place in my studio where I tested the projection of the video on various supports trying to provoke a physical interaction with the image. First I built a device allowing me to record this experience, then by projecting the image onto a liquid surface, I introduced the manual gesture. Through a metaphorical act of cleansing, the gesture and the medium began to dialogue and intersect. The immaterial image has become a tangible image in a double state between disappearance and appearance, between presence and absence, between visible and invisible.


The process of making this video and the device built for its recording are also part of a performance in which I accomplish this act of cleaning, which each time gives birth to a new image.