In 2018, supported and financed by among others, the Sorbonne University, the Mairie de Paris and the Embassy of Colombia in France, I undertook the production of Korebaju, an art project in the heart of a native community in the Amazonian region of Colombia. 

The project came out of a collaboration with Jenifer Vega, a linguist, and a specialist of the Korebaju, and aims to give the community visibility in order to aid the struggle against the steady process of cultural integration which is threatening them.

Accompanied by an audio-visual team, we spent one month among the community who allowed us to record sound, video and photographic materials. I used these materials subsequently and combined them with elements from the local surroundings to create artworks and installations in situ. 

The project, which continues to develop, has been exhibited in France and Colombia. 


Boyaca, Colombia

November 2018

Tierra latex2.jpg

Caqueta, Colombia

November 2018


Bogota, Colombia

Febraury 2019

performacne Korebaju caro y cuervo.jpg

Bogota, Colombia

April 2019


Paris, France

October 2019